My abs hurt on Sunday from the crunches from Saturday from a free personal training session that worked my stomach hard albeit for 20 minutes

because it was just a “taste”

so that I would be possibly allured into buying one of those $550 packages for 8 sessions for one month which, because of current deals and steals,

is now down to $525/month.


I remember there is roasted pine nut hummus and carrots and those crispy flat pretzels which will have to do for now since

I’ve spent enough money on cabs because I don’t feel like going into a dirty subway or I’m not 100% sure of my way around and mom says there are scary people because remember Natalie Holloway?


Before I was lost about the subways (because for some reason the uptown trains were closed) I was walking around SoHo alone trying to find this movie theater which I knew was on Houston street, but I wasn’t exactly sure where so I called Sunshine Theater and got a voice which seemed somewhat irritated that I didn’t have an iPhone for an app for directions or something

I realized how now things like that are becoming “necessary” and how we’ve been kind of pushed into situations where we think it is “necessary” and also that I was kinda sad I stayed in on Saturday night and had carrots and hummus and didn’t do anything and I didn’t even try


and I was just confused because I was wondering where my motivation was and if I even had any at all

or if I had any before which brought me to this place to eat carrots and hummus on Saturday thinking about meaning and not finding it while everyone is asking,

“So how’s the meaning out there?”

The hummus is Sabra, specifically, and I realized it is the only kind I like and I tell my mom this often, although sometimes she still gets the kind I call “shitty” from Mejer’s.

It’s not that I think I’m above the shitty kind, I’m just finding my taste that’s all.


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